The International University of Ministry and Education

Professional Academic Support in your career

The International University of Ministry and Education

Global Education for Global Success

The International University of Ministry and Education

Education Facilities to evolve expertise in yourself.

Faculty & Administration

The International University (TIU) boasts an impressive full-time faculty and administrative staff. In addition, we rely upon the experience of many professionals in their fields. They are eager to share their real-world knowledge with each and every student by contributing to course development.

TIU faculty are comparable in every respect to the finest faculty in the world. In every respect, TIU and partner faculty meet the most stringent of academic standards and stringent requirements within every licensing jurisdiction in the world.

Our faculty and staff are proud of their impressive credentials, which are comparable to those of the best career educators in accredited schools across the nation. They are here to answer your questions and ensure you fully grasp your lessons. Students are free to inquire regarding the qualifications of our faculty.


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